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What is a Chest Abdomen and Pelvis CT scan?

A Chest Abdomen and Pelvis CT Scan is to explore the entire chest, abdomen and pelvis area. This examination is used in the diagnosis and follow-up of tumoral, infectious or inflammatory pathologies.

That said, it plays a leading role in the cancer diagnosis and follow-up. It is decisive in confirming or disqualifying a pathology.

Why have a Chest Abdomen and Pelvis CT scan ?

To discover or exclude a serious pathology, identify the etiology of these painful complaints, make a therapeutic decision or better define a prognosis and, finally, respond to patient or personal anxiety. In addition, this examination has the merit of examining several organs

What organs are involved in a CAP scan?

The Chest Abdomen and Pelvis CT scan can be used to visualize and examine the lungs, mediastinum (the region of the ribcage between the two lungs containing the heart, esophagus, trachea and two stem bronchi). In addition, he pays particular attention to the large blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as the nerves, which also pass through it, the digestive tract (from the lower esophagus to the rectum), the solid organs (liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys), and the vessels and lymph nodes of the abdomen and pelvis.

In this sense, visualizing these organs can reveal certain anomalies.

What are the most frequent anomalies that can be detected by a CAP CT Scan ?

The scanner's usefulness is extensive, since it can be used to :

  • Precise diagnosis of a localized disease
  • Monitor the evolution of a disease under treatment.
  • To perform a check-up before or after surgery. It usually requires an iodine injection to better study the organs and pathology.

In addition, it is systematically recommended for the initial assessment and follow-up of TG :

  • Abdomen & pelvis : the CT scan is characterized by its sensitivity of 80 % for the analysis of retroperitoneal adenopathies.
  • Chest : this is the most sensitive examination for detecting pulmonary metastases and mediastinal adenopathies.

 As mentioned, this is a inescapable to diagnose certain cancers.

Can a CAP CT scan diagnose cancer?

The creation of a CAP CT Scan has for many years been the reference examination used to search for occult cancers in patients.

The Chest Abdomen and Pelvis CT scan (CAP) is recommended in many cases and can detect, among other things, anomalies such as :

  • Traumatic injury to the liver, spleen, kidneys
  • Traumatic injury to the pancreas (e.g. abscess, primary or secondary tumor)
  • Traumatic injury to the pelvic organs

This type of examination is used to diagnose cancers of the uterus or prostate.

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How does a CAP CT scan work?

Most Chest Abdomen and Pelvis CT scan are performed with an iodinated contrast medium injected into the bloodstream to better visualize vessels or organ anomalies.

The radiologist will decide which technique is best for you. However, the scan may need to be supplemented by additional examinations.

What is a virtual colonoscopy?

A virtual colonoscopy or coloscanner is a special form of CT scanner (which uses X-rays, like an X-ray). Like a conventional CT scan, "sliced" images of the abdomen are collected, then a computer program stitches them together to form a "slice". a 3D imagein this case an image of the inside of the colon.

Why perform a virtual colonoscopy?

Most often used to designate the search for precancerous colonic lesionsCT scanning in asymptomatic patients. Virtual colonoscopy is performed when traditional colonoscopy cannot be used, or when it has to be stopped before the colon has been fully examined, in a person who has a positive stool blood test.

How can we save lives and reduce the burden of cancer?

One of the reduce the burden of cancer is to detect these pathologies at an early stage, and to treat and manage patients appropriately. It turns out that a large number of cancers have a high probability of cure if detected early and treated appropriately.

If in doubt, consult your doctor.

What are the benefits?

By visualizing a ct-scan, An experienced radiologist can diagnose many causes of abnormalities or pathologies, including cancer, with a high degree of accuracy. This enables a faster processing and often eliminates the need for additional, more invasive diagnostic procedures.

What's more, the speed, ease and precision of an examination Chest Abdomen and Pelvis can reduce the risk of serious complications.